Jeff Garlin

I Admit, I’m a Gusher

  I hate to admit it, but I am a total gusher when it comes to celebrities. I can’t help myself. I get all flustered, and often feel like I am choking on my own esophagus. One time I saw Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen at an airport in Atlanta and I deliberately avoided them, because […]

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Photo Friday – Butter

  Eric and I went to Alex Guarnaschelli’s restaurant called Butter, in NYC and it was amazing, decadent, and super expensive! The portions were small, but they were super filling and (not surprisingly) buttery. Alex Guarnaschelli is a goddess and I have a serious culinary crush on her (move over Giada!). Eric and I debated […]

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One Month

Lorelai at One Month

Lorelai Sutton Rose was born on the morning of May 28th. The birth was a bit magical (you can read about it here) and we’ve had an amazing first month together. Sure, there has been late hours, an enormous amount of spit up, and lots and lots of crying (from baby and momma). But what […]

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Photo, er video, Friday

“I must become someone else” #Arrow100KGiveaway @arrowwriters @amellywood @amellywood — Angela Gilmore (@WorkinOnWorkMom) May 1, 2015 Eric and I are a bit obsessive with our TV watching. You may remember how we made dragon egg cupcakes for our gender reveal party from Game of Thrones and my ridiculous excitement when I met Giada DeLaurtiis. This […]

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I’m Still Here, Just Sick

I was so on track! I had posts scheduled and was balancing it all with work, and then I got sick. Having a nasty cough when you’re seven months pregnant leaves you with only one option – rest! So I’ve been resting, neglecting my blog. And now I am catching up with work. So it’s […]

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Photo Friday – Dogs and Bunnies

This last photo needs a bit of an explanation. Jackie wanted to show the Easter Bunny his Superman, but when we got close to the bunny Jack started getting scared. I told him that I would show him the Superman and he could come and show him too if he wanted to. Jack kept his distance […]

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