Weekly Button Up – Weekly Series

Weekly button up button

I’ve decided to make my Weekly Button Up an actual weekly series posted on Sundays. I’ve also created a separate page for it, just in case you’ve missed any. Check it out! Also I am working on rebranding my site, but it’s taking a bit longer than I’d hoped. I realize now that I have […]

Photo Friday – Shades {and reflection}


There are days when I think that I’m not skinny enough, I’m not in good enough shape, I don’t make or have enough money, I’m not feeding Jack the right foods, I’m letting him watch too much TV, I’m not enjoying nature enough, and I’m not living life the way that maybe I should be […]

Bounce Rate – What is It? And Why Should I Care?

What is Bounce Rate_

A few weeks ago, I read a post called How to Maintain a Low Bounce Rate and before I even finished the title I was thinking “what is a bounce rate?” I learned that bounce rate is all about your readers behavior when they get to your site. If your readers stay on your site […]

Ninja Turtles and My Second Generation Turtlehead

jack looking at bees

Jack is currently obsessed with Ninja Turtles, you can always tell what sci fi/comic book movie is coming out by the different toys that start appearing in our house, and his favorite turtle is Leonardo (for those of you who don’t know, and I was someone who didn’t know up until about three months ago, […]

Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Healhty Pasta Alternatives - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

I am the first to admit that I am a pastaholic, I love pasta and I could eat it every day. Since I am trying to lose weight, pasta every day for lunch and dinner is not an option (as much as I’d like it to be). I am over at Parent Society today discussing […]