Back to School – New School Year Means New Kicks

Back to Blogging(1)

This week I am participating in the SITS Girls Back to Blogging series and today is all about back to school memories. When I think about ‘back to school’ I don’t think about college or high school, I only think about elementary school and I remember the feeling of putting on a brand new pair… 

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My Excuse for Absence Includes an Armadillo Groom’s Cake


So essentially my excuse for my prolonged absence (my last post was in July!) is that I was getting married! I am now officially a married woman! Woot! Eric and I got married on September 13th and, those of you locals you may remember, it rained all day. Sure it brought about a few tears… 

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Photo Friday – Donatello Jack


So I know I said Jack’s favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo, but that doesn’t mean he can’t seriously rock the Donatello. Eric texted me this picture when I was at a gig and it’s been making me smile every day since; I love everything about it. Have a great weekend! Check out more Photo Friday’s… 

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Weekly Button Up – Weekly Series

Weekly button up button

I’ve decided to make my Weekly Button Up an actual weekly series posted on Sundays. I’ve also created a separate page for it, just in case you’ve missed any. Check it out! Also I am working on rebranding my site, but it’s taking a bit longer than I’d hoped. I realize now that I have… 

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