Seriously Frozen? That’s your lesson?!


My niece, not unlike most young girls her age, is obsessed with the movie Frozen. I am a bit late to the frozen party and I hate to admit that I only just watched the movie for the first time very recently. I knew there had to be something about this movie that was making […]

Budget Friendly Recipes For Your Family


I was thrilled when Angela over at Writer Mom’s Blog asked me to participate in her Budget Friendly Recipes Roundup! I follow Angela’s blog regularly and I just adore her (and it’s not just because she’s got an awesome name).  I hope you have as much fun checking out these recipes as I did! 1. […]

Follow Friday – The Blog Version


I’ve had doubts when it’s come to my singing, my writing, my photography, and my blogging. I have had thoughts of leaving all of my current hobbies for ones that take less time and are less ‘risky’. And then I’ve taken a look around and I’ve received support and inspiration from some amazing people and […]

What Photography Means to Me


Two weeks ago I posted photography tips from some of my favorite photographers and although I really wanted to collaborate with these talented women I also wanted their tips to better my own photography. I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. My first camera was a hot pink point and […]

St. Paddy’s Day Celebration Cups

St Paddy's Celebration Cups

Let me start by saying, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve never really celebrated this holiday before; I am not Irish, I am a vegetarian, I don’t drink, and I am not religious. I know there is more to St. Patrick’s Day than drinking and corned beef, I just never got into the holiday since it […]

How to Use Getty Images for Free

Using Getty Images For Free2(1)

If you are a blogger, chances are, you’ve heard of Getty Images. If you haven’t heard of Getty Images I can guarantee you’ve seen photos from them, they are everywhere. If you’ve ever visited the Getty Images for stock photos you may have noticed that the prices range from $25-$699. Well now you, and I, […]