Reason #473 That I love My Spouse – He Cares About Me, a Lot

Reason #473 That I love My Spouse - He Cares About Me, A Lot - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

On my way to work this morning I glanced down at the temperature gauge in my car and noticed that the needle was not only above the red area it was also above the H. When I was a teenager I had a car that constantly overheated and I’d have to ride around with my heat on in the dead of Summer, so I cranked up the heat and watched eagerly as the needle refused to budge.

I pulled over and called my friend Jim, who knows more about cars than I ever will, because I remembered him telling me not to open the anti-freeze reservoir when the car overheats and according to my phone I was supposed to be pouring water somewhere. (When the car overheats the pressure can build and if you open the antifreeze cap you risk quickly releasing that pressure and getting scalding hot antifreeze all over you)

Jim was only five minutes from me, and he’s some sort of saint, and he said he would come to lend a hand. As I was sitting there, on the side of the road with the hood popped, I looked at the passing cars and wondered when I would see Eric passing; part of his route to work is the same as mine and he would be driving by any minute after dropping Jackie off at daycare.

A few minutes later I saw a black Matrix fly by and thought, I guess that’s Eric, and I got a little miffed thinking that he drove right by and didn’t see me sitting there.

About ten minutes later I saw what I thought was Jim’s car pull over, slightly recklessly, pretty far ahead of me. Under my popped hood I could see a pair of slender legs in black slacks running towards me and I thought, that’s odd that Jim slowed down so suddenly and stopped so far ahead of me and is running to my car.

Then, in my window I saw Eric’s concerned face asking me if I was OK. I smiled and got out of the car, to get him away from the oncoming traffic, and he gave me a big hug there on the side of the road.

I felt bad for doubting him, and I felt extremely loved there in his arms. And that is reason #473 that I love my spouse: he cares about me, a lot.

I told him he didn’t have to stay with me, I didn’t want him to be late for work, and that Jim would be pulling up any minute to help (Eric doesn’t have the luxury of an understanding boss, like I do, and gets written up whenever he is late). As Eric pulled away Jim pulled up and we were able to get the car cool enough to drive to the mechanics. I’m still waiting to hear back.

Have you doubted your spouse only to be pleasantly surprised?

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Weekly Button Up – Weekly Series

Weekly Button Up - Weekly Series - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

I’ve decided to make my Weekly Button Up an actual weekly series posted on Sundays. I’ve also created a separate page for it, just in case you’ve missed any. Check it out!

Also I am working on rebranding my site, but it’s taking a bit longer than I’d hoped. I realize now that I have to make changes in small doses as opposed to trying to tackle everything in one sitting. You’ll be seeing some changes taking place over the next few weeks until it’s completed.

Here are my sweet finds from the internets this week:

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When Is It Okay To Run Every Day - I was asking myself this the other day and found a great answer in this post

How to Use Hashtags Effectively and Ritetag

How to Fix and Find Broken Links and – Use it seriously, I found so many broken links on my page! - Customizable social media links, made super easy. I am in love with this site!

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog – I’ve got some work to do, WOWM got a 61% on Google PageSpeed Insight.

This Weekly Button Up is brought to you by Sietan Picatta:

Weekly Button Up - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

Click on the picture for the recipe!

Photo Friday – Shades {and reflection}

There are days when I think that I’m not skinny enough, I’m not in good enough shape, I don’t make or have enough money, I’m not feeding Jack the right foods, I’m letting him watch too much TV, I’m not enjoying nature enough, and I’m not living life the way that maybe I should be living it.

And then there are days when I turn on the TV and see tragedy and it humbles me and reminds me that I have everything I need, I am everything I need to be, and I am so damn grateful for every day I get to spend on this earth with the people I love.

My heart and thoughts go out to the families and friends of the victims of Malaysian Flight MH17.

This week I got the pleasure of riding in the back seat of a friend’s car with Jackie boy, and it was so much fun that I’m considering doing it on my next road trip with the family.

Here is Jackie wearing my shades and my watch. He uses all of his fingers to center the glasses on his face.

Photo Friday - Shades {and Reflection} - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

Have a great weekend! Check back on Sunday for the return of the Weekly Button Up.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?

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Bounce Rate – What is It? And Why Should I Care?

What is Bounce Rate? And Why Should I Care? - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

A few weeks ago, I read a post called How to Maintain a Low Bounce Rate and before I even finished the title I was thinking “what is a bounce rate?” I learned that bounce rate is all about your readers behavior when they get to your site.

If your readers stay on your site and click around to different links within your site, your bounce rate will be low. If your readers get to your site, read one post, and then click away your bounce rate will be high.

In summary:

After reading Karen’s post, I made a few small changes to my site and I am happy to say that my bounce rate has gone from over 80% down to 70%. I know that 10% isn’t necessarily that much, but in the world of blogging that kind of change in such a short period of time is very rare.

Here’s what I did to lower my bounce rate:

  1. First, I added bounce rate to the list of site metrics that I track so I know if I need to make improvements
  2. Then, I added a list of frequently viewed, or trending, posts to my sidebar (over there —>)
  3. I started adding one or two links for reference to each post in the form of “if you like this post you’ll probably like this other one too” (for example I linked my post about Jack’s obsession with Ninja Turtles to my obsession with Game of Thrones and Eric’s obsession with Lord of the Rings)
  4. And finally, I started thinking about my blog as one big story and I’m learning how to reference old posts as I would in conversation in the form of “remember when I was talking about that, that’s similar to what I’m talking about now”

Here are a few more suggestions from¬†Reduce Bounce Rate: 20 Things to Consider by Nick Eubanks. I didn’t realize that I was ahead of the bounce game by making my external links open in a new page, I’ve always done it because I hate when other sites don’t do it.

Here are a few more I’m going to try:

  1. Offer a helpful 404 page – Seems like a no-brainer but I never even considered it!
  2. Optimize for Intent – One of my to-do items is to change my categories in order to better help readers navigate, I think if I visited my own site I wouldn’t quite no where to go once I landed.

What are your tips for lowering bounce rate? Have you tried any of these? Do you track your bounce rate?

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Ninja Turtles and My Second Generation Turtlehead

Ninja Turtles and My Second Generation Turtlehead - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

Jack, looking at bees dressed like Leonardo

Jack is currently obsessed with Ninja Turtles, you can always tell what sci fi/comic book movie is coming out by the different toys that start appearing in our house, and his favorite turtle is Leonardo (for those of you who don’t know, and I was someone who didn’t know up until about three months ago, he is the turtle with the blue mask and the two swords; that’s right, my son loves the guy with the TWO swords).

Ninja Turtles and My Second Generation Turtlehead - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

I can’t even, with his face and that mask!

Surprisingly enough , or not at all surprisingly at all, Leonardo was also Eric’s favorite turtle when he was a kid. Last weekend, at my in-laws house, Jack and his pop pop drew Leonardo together. Later in the week my father-in-law sent me a Facebook message about a picture that Eric drew of Leonardo when he was a kid and it made me laugh. It’s one thing for Jack to have Eric’s eyes, it’s quite another for Jack to love Leonardo just as much as Eric did when he was a kid.

Ninja Turtles and My Second Generation Turtlehead - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

Eric’s picture on the left, Jack’s on the right

On the one hand it’s not terribly shocking that Jack would be into the same thing that Eric was into, we all impart our likes and dislikes on our children, but the similarity of the level of interest is what is really special to me. The fact that Jack, like young Eric, loves these characters so much that he wants to celebrate them in different mediums is so interesting and exciting.

Ninja Turtles and My Second Generation Turtlehead - Working On Working Mom {dot com}

My Supermen

I admit that sometimes it is hard to deal with a childhood obsession, I’ve seen the 75th anniversary Superman short about 7,000 times and I have sung the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles song during just about every car trip we’ve taken. Sometimes though, the obsession leads to a level of play and imagination that makes my heart swell. Eric and I watched Jack run around the grass with his turtle shell, two swords, and Leonardo mask and we both just smiled. I am still smiling writing about it.

Do you or your kids have these kinds of obsessions? Do you and your kids share any obsessions?

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