Seriously Frozen? That’s your lesson?!

Seriously Frozen? That's your lesson?!

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My niece, not unlike most young girls her age, is obsessed with the movie Frozen. I am a bit late to the frozen party and I hate to admit that I only just watched the movie for the first time very recently.

I knew there had to be something about this movie that was making it such a huge hit, but I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was something I’d enjoy. I watched bits and pieces of it while my niece was visiting, and earned major aunt points by using Amazon Prime to stream the movie two days before it was released on dvd, but I didn’t really see what the fuss was about.

So one day when Jack wanted to watch something, and Eric wasn’t around, I decided to turn to Frozen as a reprieve from the super-hero-jumping-kicking-fighting that we usually watch together; and I have to say I was seriously, pleasantly, surprised by this movie.

If you are like me and have somehow gone this far without seeing this movie, skip the rest of this post because it’s all spoilers.

Seriously Frozen? That's your lesson?!

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There are two main characters, sisters named Elsa and Anna. Elsa pictured above has powers that can create ice, snow, and the onset of winter that are triggered by her emotions. Her sister Anna was injured as a child by Elsa’s powers and was saved by trolls who wiped out her memory.

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Because of the danger of her powers, Elsa’s parents tell her to keep her powers a secret from her sister and everyone else in the kingdom.

After a traditional Disney song montage to mark the passing of time, the movie continues with Elsa’s coronation party, we see Anna fall in love with a man named Hans, and we see Elsa run away after turning her kingdom into a wintery non-wonderland. This leads to a quest for Anna to find Elsa. (If you haven’t seen the movie this ‘synopsis’ may be a bit confusing, I am awful at summarizing movies)

When Anna finds her sister, Elsa is unsure about the idea of reuniting and accidentally hits Anna in the heart with her freeze-ray. Anna gets taken to the trolls, again,  by a man named Kristoff and they tell her that  she needs an act of true love to melt the ice in her heart or she will turn to ice forever.

This is where the film got really interesting. Anna thinks she needs a kiss from Hans, who turns out to be evil, to break her spell. We, as the audience, then think that she needs a kiss from Kristoff her real true love. Anna, running out of time, does neither and saves her sister from being attacked by Hans and we watch as she turns to ice .

At this point I tell Jack, ‘don’t worry that guy is going to save her,’ thinking that Kristoff was going to kiss her after she’d turned to ice. But, in total opposite of Disney fashion, Anna begins to thaw and we learn that the act of true love was the one she performed for her sister.

Seriously Frozen? That's your lesson?!

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When was the last time you saw a woman save another woman’s life out of love in a Disney film (or any other for that matter)? I was so shocked and delighted with this ending that I found myself feeling proud of Disney for sending such a great message to young girls.

Have you seen this movie? Where you as pleased as I was with the ending? Are you tired of the song “Let it Go” yet?


  1. says

    I was very late to the Frozen party, too, but I LOVE LOVE LOVED that they didn’t go the traditional “boy saves girl with kiss” route. I loved that a girl was the real hero and it was sisterly love that saved the day not romantic love. WELL DONE, DISNEY. Now if we can just get a Disney movie that doesn’t have a dead mom (or parents), and I’ll be thrilled. –Lisa

  2. says

    I loved it but I had already known about the act of live and I wished I hadn’t! I had asked a friend who had seen it because I was concerned about Elsa being a villain and it was going to be Scarlet’s first movie in a theater.
    So I knew! We loved it, though.
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    • Angela Gilmore says

      Oh that’s funny, going into it knowing the big twist. I was genuinely shocked. We just took Jack to his first movie in the theater, it was Mr. Peabody and Sherman and he loved it, he did cover his eyes twice though at intense moments but overall it was very kid friendly.

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